Guide to obtaining Medicare Location ID in Halaxy

Understanding the Medicare Location ID in Practice Management

If you've set up or looked into setting up any practice management software that integrates with Medicare, you would have come across terms like Location ID or Minor ID. For many healthcare providers, these terms are unfamiliar until they venture into the business side of practice management.


What is a Location/Minor ID?

The Location/Minor ID is a unique identifier used specifically for Medicare billing. It is unique to each business, practice location, and practice management software. This ID is essential for linking your practice management software, such as Halaxy, with Medicare.


Why Do I Need One?

Your Medicare Location/Minor ID is crucial as it links your practice management software to Medicare, confirming your identity when claims are electronically lodged. This ensures that all billing is accurately processed under your practice’s name.


Can I Use the Same Number if I Switch Practice Management Software (PMS)?

No, you'll need a new ID. The Location/Minor ID is generated by the PMS and is specific to your practice on that software platform.


Do I Need a Location ID if I Don't Do Medicare Billing?

If your services aren't eligible for Medicare rebates or billing, you don't need to worry about obtaining a Location/Minor ID. This ID is solely for linking your practice to Medicare.


How Do I Get One?

If you're using Halaxy, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the locations page.
  2. Click Request a Location ID then Request a new Location ID and submit.
  3. Halaxy will assign a new Location ID to your location.
  4. Click Download Form to view the HW027 form on Services Australia, which gives instructions on how to complete the details via HPOS or to download and submit as a paper copy.
  5. Once you've submitted the form, check the box for Form has been submitted to Medicare to activate it with Halaxy.

Note: If the option to add a Location ID is not shown, you need to have a practitioner added to that location who is eligible for Medicare claiming.




Do I Need Multiple Location IDs for Multiple Halaxy Locations?

It depends.

  • If you have multiple bricks-and-mortar locations with different provider numbers for each, you need different Location IDs for each one.
  • If you work from multiple locations but have selected your premise type as "mobile" on your provider number (and only have ONE provider number for these locations), you just need one Location ID and can use the same one for each of your locations in Halaxy.
  • If you have one bricks-and-mortar location but also do Telehealth (set up under a second location in Halaxy), just one Location ID is needed and can be used for both locations in Halaxy.


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By understanding and properly managing your Medicare Location/Minor IDs, you can streamline your billing processes and ensure compliance with Medicare requirements.