Please Note: Medicare Rebates are currently unavailable for all our Diagnostic Ultrasounds

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Medical Investigations

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Blayney Ultrasound offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic ultrasound services to meet diverse medical needs. We pride ourselves on short wait times, ensuring quick access to essential diagnostic care. Accepting all referral types, we are committed to providing reliable and thorough ultrasound examinations for all patients.


Pregnancy Keepsakes

3D Pregnancy Ultrasound

Experience the joy of seeing your baby with our 3D/4D ultrasound services, available from 16 weeks with no referral needed. As the only provider of 3D ultrasounds without a referral in Central West NSW, we offer a unique opportunity for expectant parents to connect with their unborn child. Join us for this special experience in a comfortable and welcoming setting.


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