KLR Medical's Katrina Robertson, Halaxy Specialist, on Healthcare Email Update

New Email Protocols: How They Affect Halaxy Users

In the ever-evolving world of digital communication, staying abreast of the latest changes is crucial for healthcare practices. Recently, Gmail and Yahoo announced new requirements aimed at combating spam and ensuring a safer, more enjoyable email experience for users. Here's a straightforward breakdown of what's happening and what it means for you, especially if you're using Halaxy to manage your communications with patients.



Understanding the Changes

Gmail and Yahoo's new policies, effective from February 4, 2024, are designed to ensure emails are secure, wanted by their recipients, and easy to opt-out of if desired.

Here are the key areas of focus:

  • Authentication: Both Gmail and Yahoo now require that emails undergo rigorous verification processes (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC) to confirm their origin. Think of it as a digital handshake that assures your email’s authenticity.
  • Unsubscribing Made Easy: Unsubscribing from email lists should be as hassle-free as possible. A new directive mandates a straightforward method for users to opt-out, ensuring that only engaged audiences receive your emails.
  • Quality Content: There's a new emphasis on the relevance and quality of email content. A limit has been set on the acceptable percentage of spam complaints, encouraging senders to focus on delivering content that resonates with their audience. This is monitored by the spam rate, where the more people who mark your email as spam, the higher your spam rating will be. While this may primarily concern marketing emails, the holistic approach to email sending via Halaxy means it's relevant and will affect practices using Halaxy for all forms of email communication.


Content quality and unsubscribing are intricately linked to marketing emails rather than appointment reminders and intake form emails. However, due to the integrated nature of email communications through Halaxy, these standards are still crucial for practices to understand and adhere to.



The Impact on Halaxy Users

For those in the Halaxy community, these updates have led to a period of adaptation. The good news is that, at this stage, apart from ensuring that the marketing emails you send are containing quality content, you don’t need to do anything else. After speaking with Halaxy Support, they have said they are working to align their email sending capabilities with these new requirements.

However, during this transitional phase, some users may experience an uptick in email deliverability issues. A small percentage of patients might not receive their emails as intended, although most users will continue to enjoy uninterrupted service. If emails are failing to send, you’ll receive a notification on the top right of your Halaxy screen.



Proactive Steps to Take

As Halaxy fine-tunes its system, there are several strategies you can employ to ensure your communication remains effective:

  •  SMS Reminders: Consider leveraging SMS reminders as an alternative or complement to email communications. This can help ensure that appointment reminders reach your patients without delay.
  •  Intake Forms via SMS: For those experiencing issues with email-based intake forms, sending these documents via SMS can be an effective workaround, ensuring that patients receive and complete necessary paperwork.
  •  Stay Informed: Keep an eye out for updates in our Healthcare Practice Community Facebook Group. Being proactive in adapting your communication strategy can help minimise any potential disruptions.



How KLR Medical Can Help

At KLR Medical, we understand the challenges that come with navigating these changes. If you're encountering difficulties or simply want to optimise your Halaxy setup for improved efficiency, we're here to help. Our expertise in Halaxy includes setup, troubleshooting, and tailored training to enhance your practice management.


  •  Book a Coaching Session: For personalised support, consider booking a coaching session with us. We can provide you with tailored advice on managing your email communications during this transition and beyond. Book a coaching session here
  •  Join Our Live Events: We also invite you to join us at our upcoming live events, where we'll cover a range of topics designed to empower healthcare professionals in managing their practices effectively. These sessions are an excellent opportunity to learn, share experiences, and connect with peers facing similar challenges. Checkout our upcoming events here