Blayney Ultrasound is a locally owned and operated patient focused practice. Blayney Ultrasound was founded in 2017 to provide essential diagnostic ultrasound services to the Blayney community. We’re also proud to provide entertainment 3D/4D pregnancy ultrasounds without referrals for all of the Central West. Our 3D ultrasounds are renowned throughout the area with patients traveling across the state for a scan. We've had patients from as far west as Nyngan and as far east as the south coast.  


Our Ultrasound Services

Diagnostic Ultrasound


Blayney Ultrasound offers a wide range of diagnostic ultrasounds.

Diagnostic ultrasound is a medical imaging modality which uses sound waves to visualise internal body structures such as tendons, muscles, joints, blood vessels, and internal organs.

Unlike X-Ray and CT scans, Ultrasound doesn’t use radiation so it's safe for use on everyone. Diagnostic ultrasounds are for medical purposes and require a referral from your doctor.

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Our Ultrasound Services

3D/4D Entertainment Pregnancy Ultrasound


Blayney Ultrasound is proud to offer the ONLY 3D/4D ultrasound service in Central West NSW that does not require a referral! All of our 3D scans are performed by a qualified sonographer who prides herself on superior image quality and patient care.

Our 3D scans are for entertainment purposes only and are not diagnostic. They do not replace your routine diagnostic obstetric ultrasounds that your doctor requests. As they are only for entertainment, they are not covered by Medicare or health funds and do not require a referral. 

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3D/4D Entertainment Ultrasound Packages

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