Halaxy Practice Set Up
Let us do it for you!
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A Done For You Service

Forget the Overwhelm and Endless Hours 

Learning a new practice management software can be very time-consuming and if you make a mistake while setting it up, it can cause so many issues later on!

Hand the job of setting your practice up on Halaxy and you'll get... 

  • Save valuable time and resources
  • Eliminating the steep learning curve and frustrations
  • Professionally configured Halaxy system customised to your needs
Imagine not having to sacrifice multiple patient appointments just so you've got enough time to set up your new Halaxy practice management software
Why should you trust us with your precious practice management software?
  • We have expertise and experience in utilising all aspects of Halaxy, training staff, and providing complete admin support for¬†companies using Halaxy
  • Proven track record of successfully setting up complex¬†practices Halaxy
  • We have a comprehensive selection of training resources and ongoing support options should you need help in the future
Let's Get Started!
Unlock the Power of Halaxy for your Practice...
What's included in our Halaxy Software Initial Set-up?
  • Group/Practice Creation in Halaxy
  • General Group Settings Customised
  • Request for Location ID from Halaxy¬†
  • Guidance on submitting Location ID paperwork to Medicare
  • Invoice Template Personalised to Your Branding
  • Practitioners Created in Halaxy (up to 5)
  • Customised Practitioner Schedules
  • Online Bookings Activated (if desired)
  • Fees/Booking Types Created (up to 10)
  • Customised reminder settings

Halaxy Practice Management Software Initial Set-up


Is Halaxy a good fit for you?

Still umming and ahhing over whether Halaxy is the right practice management software for you?

First off, I don't work for Halaxy and I don't get any kind of incentive from Halaxy if you do decide to try it out. But here is why I LOVE the software, why I gave it a go in the first place and why I've stuck around: 


  • The basic software is FREE! This was honestly the biggest reason I signed up.¬†
  • It's an All-in-One Solution that eliminates the need for multiple software platforms. It does so much but just to name a few things...online bookings, payments, electronic intake forms, invoicing, clinical templates, communication templates...the list goes on!
  • It's the first practice management software that I've had for my Ultrasound practice that has had online bookings native to the software. Accidental double bookings are now a thing of the past.¬†
  • Payments can sometimes be a little awkward if you are the practitioner and receptionist as well. With payment options built into Halaxy, patients/clients can pay online at the time of booking or you can email an invoice with a payment link. If you don't want to handle payments, you don't have to.¬†It can all be¬†automated.¬†
  • Electronic intake forms! It might seem small but these save so much time and unnecessary admin.