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Hi, I'm Katrina



My career in Medical Imaging started with a Bachelor's degree in Medical Radiation Science (Medical Imaging) before I completed a postgraduate degree in sonography. 

I started KLR Medical and opened my first ultrasound practice, Blayney Ultrasound, in 2017. While waiting for all of our Medicare accreditation to be finalised, I decided to just start with entertainment 3D pregnancy ultrasounds. At that time we were the ONLY clinic offering 3D without a referral.

Word quickly spread about the high-quality scans I was producing and now 3D ultrasound has become a significant part of my ultrasound practice. Word-of-mouth from my patients has been responsible for a lot of my business growth. 

This is what one patient had to say:




What We Cover in the Course

Over 50 videos on a range of ultrasound topics to give you the foundation you need to perform high-quality 3D and 4D scans in a safe way for both mother and baby

Module 1:

I know you've seen ultrasound images before but what is ultrasound? By the end of this module, you'll know!




Module 2:

Understanding how an ultrasound machine works enables you to use it to the best of its ability while keeping your client safe. After this module, you'll understand terms such as piezoelectric, biophysical effects and frequency.


Module 3:

Although this course is about non-diagnostic 3D ultrasound, it's still important to know some general anatomy so you know whether you're looking at baby's head or abdomen and what you need to do to get to their face.  


Module 4:

There are a lot of buttons on an ultrasound machine. What do they mean and what do they do? 
After this module, you'll know what depth, focus, gain, TGC and focus are and how to use them. You'll also learn about manipulating the data from a 3D sweep.


Module 5:

When is the best time for a 3D scan? How do I stop the baby from moving? How do I make the baby move? Does the patient need to do anything special before their scan? How do I figure out gender? In this module, you'll find out all of this and more!


Module 6:

What happens in an actual 3D ultrasound appointment? We have recordings of real patients so you can see what my process is and what steps I go through.

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Just a few 3D images I've taken ...

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